Thursday, August 8, 2019

Outline and critically assess Max Webers concept of the iron cage in Essay

Outline and critically assess Max Webers concept of the iron cage in relation to the rationalisation of work in the modern world - Essay Example assess it in relation to the rationalization of work in the modern world, the paper offers a consistent examination of Max Weber’s thought and teaching on rationality, bureaucracy and capitalism. Weber viewed bureaucracy as the natural stage of historical evolution and as the most efficient way of governing the modern world’s society. On the other hand, comparing it with â€Å"the iron cage† he underlined the drawbacks of bureaucratic machine and highly rational approach to life, and admitted that as a result we live in a â€Å"polar night of icy darkness." Bureaucratic approach being recognized as the out-of-date management style, the modern society tries to adopt new methods of work. Yet, work continues remaining highly rationalized. Weber’s â€Å"social action.† To understand Weber’s concept fully, one should turn to his methodology, throwing light at the way of Weber’s thinking. Weber based his methodology on the category of the ideal type, which is the interest of the epoch, â€Å"a utopia,† expressed in a form of theoretical construction, a scheme. This ideal type helps to understand the common rules of the events, proving basis for economic, esthetic and moral values of people. With the help of understanding, a sociologist should examine the actions of an individual, who puts some sense into all of his actions. An individual’s actions become social actions conditioned by two factors: subjective motivation and orientation towards others. This orientation towards others makes an action a social action. Social action can be carried out only by individuals. To understand the social processes taking place in a state, a family, or any other social group, it is necessary t o understand the motives of actions of the separate individuals composing the examined social group. Yet, understanding is not sufficient for a deep insight into social processes. Rational actions should serve the instrument of sociology. Weber offers a typology of social actions based on

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